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New article: “Co-Optation at the Creation”

A recently published article in Security Studies analyzes the long-forgotten tactics used by American leaders to prevent elite criticism of the United Nations as a window into leader-elite dynamics in the shadow of international cooperation. Joint with Matt Conklin, a Ph.D. candidate at UChicago.

Carson, Austin, and Matthew J. Conklin. “Co-Optation at the Creation: Leaders, Elite Consensus, and Postwar International Order.” Security Studies 31.4 (2022): 634-666.

New article on Trump’s rhetoric in JOP

A new article, co-authored with Allison Carnegie, analyzes the potential impact of Trump’s rhetoric about trade rule violations on the stability of the international system. See “Reckless Rhetoric? Compliance Pessimism and International Order in the Age of Trump,” now out in Journal of Politics (ungated PDF here). It is part of a symposium on “Foreign Policy in the Age of Trump.”